Back to School: 9 Things You Will Definitely Need

Going back to school is an exhilarating time filled with anticipation for a fresh new year and the opportunity to equip yourself with new items that set the mood. Children have changing needs, especially when it comes to their bedroom, where they require various new items to best suit their requirements. Let’s explore some wonderful options to help prepare your child for the upcoming term.

  1. Restful Sleep: A good bed is paramount for children of all ages to ensure a restful sleep. School children often need up to 12 hours of sleep per day, and a lack thereof can quickly lead to fatigue if they don’t have quality rest. Quality is crucial here – your child should experience deep and uninterrupted sleep each night without frequent waking or disruptions. Common causes of poor sleep include outdated mattresses, beds that are too small, or improper bed placement. The first step is to acquire an appropriate bed for your child’s age and ensure they have a comfortable mattress.

  2. Fresh Pair of Shoes: There’s nothing quite like starting the school year with a new pair of shoes. And what better place to keep them than a shoe cupboard? Each morning, you’ll know exactly where to find them, avoiding any delays and ensuring punctuality.

  3. Dedicated Study Area: Creating a designated study area is equally important because children should not be encouraged to study in bed. It’s essential to reserve the bed for reading and sleeping, rather than associating it with work, as this can disrupt sleep patterns. There are also practical concerns when studying in bed, such as inadequate spinal support, pens and markers ending up on the bedding, and too many distractions. Invest in a sturdy oak desk for your child’s room to provide an ideal study space.

  4. Filing Cabinet: A filing cabinet can prove useful for storing and organizing certificates and school awards. This way, you can keep them clean and presentable for when you need them the most.

  5. Obtain Necessary Books: You may require new books for school to prepare for your classes. Even if you don’t, it’s still worthwhile to acquire books for reading purposes. Reading is immensely valuable as it enhances verbal reasoning, imagination, literacy, reflection, and a multitude of other essential skills for students. Consider investing in beloved books and proudly display them in a splendid bookcase, encouraging repeated enjoyment.

  6. Fresh Uniform: Every child needs a brand new uniform to kickstart the new school year. Consequently, you’ll need a wardrobe to hang it up and keep it looking pristine. Wood makes for a fantastic choice when selecting a wardrobe, as it combines beauty with durability. While it may not be an actual Narnia wardrobe, your child can certainly imagine it to be one.

  7. Dressing Table: Everyone desires to look their best for school, and a dressing table can simplify morning routines without bathroom mirror disputes. Invest in a splendid dressing table where your child can store toiletries, hair-styling items, accessories, and other essentials for quick and confident preparation in the morning. It also helps maintain bedroom tidiness by providing a dedicated space for these items, complete with a convenient mirror to check the final result.

  8. School Bag: An essential item for carrying all the necessary books. Ensure everything is neatly packed away, allowing you to be prepared for each day.

  9. Alarm Clock: The first week is often the toughest, so having an alarm clock on a bedside table next to the bed ready is quite handy. You could even start waking up a bit earlier each day to help your body adjust to the early mornings before the official start date.

If other areas of your house require furnishing, we also offer furniture for the dining room, living room, and hallway. Now that you’re fully prepared and ready, you can relax until the big day arrives.

Good luck!