Back to School: 9 Things You Will Definitely Need

Going back to school is always an exciting time with the prospect of a fresh new year and the chance to kit up with new items that get you in the mood. Children always need a range of new school year items in a bedroom that will best suit their changing needs. We take a look at some fantastic options to help set your child up for the new term.

1. A Good Night’s Sleep

A good bed is one of the most important things that children of all ages need for a restful sleep. School children can need up to 12 hours of sleep a day, and a shortfall can translate rapidly into fatigue if you don’t have a quality rest. The quality angle is key – your child needs to have deep and consistent sleep every night without regular waking or interruptions. Often causes of bad sleep involve old mattresses, beds that are too small or poor placement of the bed itself. The first step lies in getting an appropriate bed for your child’s age and making sure it has a mattress that they are comfortable on. 

2. New Shoes

There’s nothing like going back to school in a new pair of shoes. Where better to keep them than in a shoe cupboard. You can wake up each morning and know exactly where to find them. There will be no being late for school with a safe place to keep them.

3. A Place To Study

This is equally important because children shouldn’t be encouraged to study in bed. It’s important that the bed is used to read and sleep in and doesn’t become associated with a place to work in, as this can lead to broken sleep. There are also practical issues with studying in bed – it doesn’t support the spine, pen and markers tend to end up all over bedding and there are far too many distractions. Invest in a great pine desk for your child’s room instead.

4. A Filing Cabinet

This can be useful for storing and collecting all of those certificates and school awards. Keeping them looking clean and presentable for when you need them most.  

5. Get any Books You Need

You might need some new books for school to prepare for your classes. But if, not you may want to get some books anyway. Reading is hugely important for a number of reasons. It improves verbal reasoning, imagination, literacy, reflection and a whole host of other essential skills for students. It is well worth investing in some beloved books and showcasing them properly in a great bookcase so they are returned to time and time again.

6. A Smart New Uniform

Every child needs a brand new uniform to get you ready for the new school year. That means you also need a wardrobe to hang it up in and keep it looking nice. Wood is a fantastic choice for a wardrobe – beautiful to look at and robust. It may not be an actual Narnia wardrobe, but your child can imagine.

7. A Dressing Table

Everyone wants to look good for school, and a dressing table will make it much easier to get ready in the morning without arguments over the bathroom mirror. Invest in a great dressing table so that your child can store their toiletries, hair-styling items, accessories and other essentials to get ready quickly and confidently in the morning. It will also help to keep the bedroom tidy by having a dedicated space for these items, plus a handy mirror to check the final result in.

8. A School Bag

This is essential for carrying all those books in. Pack all your school essentials away neatly and make sure you are prepared for each day.

9. An alarm clock

The first week is always the hardest but it’s always handy to have your alarm clock ready for the first week of school. You could even start getting up a bit earlier each day to make it easier for your body to adjust to the early mornings before the official date.

If other areas of your house needs furnishing we also have furniture for the dining room, living room and hall. Now that you are all prepped and ready you can relax until the big day arrives.

Good Luck!