7 Furniture Essentials You Need For Your Living Room

The living room can be the heart of a busy home. Whether we are juggling frantic family life or simply trying to negotiate work and a social life, the living room can be our place of refuge. We relax with friends and family here or take some much-needed “me” time. We catch up on our favourite series or curl up with a good book.

Whatever you like to do in your living room, there are a few furniture essentials that are key to the space. From solid oak furniture to shelves and storage, we have got you covered. Browse the list below to create your perfect living room space with advice from Furniture Plus.


Whether you or your family are studying or simply like to read, stacks of books on every surface can instantly look cluttered. A great bookcase can add elegance to a living room as well as help to keep it tidy. Bookcases also double up as great display cases for family photographs, ornaments or other treasured items that you can arrange.

Coffee Table

A durable and reliable coffee table will make entertaining family and friends a breeze. A broad surface area means that the table is practical but also means a few magazines or books can be added simply for decoration and easy reading. Add a few colourful coasters too for a fun and inviting atmosphere.


Mirrors and metallic objects can instantly help to bring light to a room. This creates an impression of extra space, which many of us are short on at home. Mirrors reflect the light and help to expand a claustrophobic room. They are often far cheaper than adding extra lighting but create a similar and stylish effect.

Nest of Tables 

Nests of tables remain a smart and popular solution to limited space in the living room. As we often congregate here with friends and family, surfaces for drinks, snacks or other items can be in short supply.  A nest of tables means that you can have a number of extra surfaces in the room at any one time – all to be conveniently stored away again. This furniture item has proven itself as a timeless and practical classic.

DVD and CD Storage

Many families have an impressive collection of music and DVDs, but it can rapidly become cluttered. If DVDs and CDs are not stored correctly, they age badly and can become cracked or damaged.  Great DVD and CD storage helps to protect the longevity of your items. It also stores them in a visible but practical way and makes each one easier to find. You’ll never be searching for that missing album again! 


Durable sideboards can be a genuine investment piece in the living room. Solid wood instantly adds some style and gravitas to the room. It is also more likely to be resilient against general wear and tear, as well as timeless. Here we can place conversation pieces like family portraits, graduation photographs, treasured ornaments and more. Solid oak furniture is not only practical it can help our living room to have real personality.

TV Stand

Nothing is more frustrating than inviting friends over for a film night or to watch a big sporting event only to realise that you can’t see the TV. A sturdy and effective TV stand will hold a television in a convenient position without leaving it vulnerable to damage or a fall. Many TV stands can also double up as additional storage with drawers or a cabinet underneath. Why not store some extra snacks or DVD favourites here in case unexpected guests arrive?

With a few quick additions to the room, we can make our living room a space for the whole family to enjoy.